******  We have a pair of DeVore 0/93 and DeVore O/Baby in stock now!!!   New units ready to go....skip the wait times and grab them right away!!!!  Territory restrictions apply, so please contact me and we can chat about them.  (as of 7-17-23)

We've added 2 new speaker lines!!  Harbeth and Revival Audio are now available at Goldprint Audio!!!  We are very excited to have both of these product lines on board!!!

We have a fantastic new streamer line addition coming soon.  Welcome HiFIRose!  eng.hifirose.com

They build some incredible (both in sound and function) streaming units.  Our first demo units will arrive in a couple weeks!

We are excited to announce that we have added Spendor to our speaker lineup!  We have a few demo units on the way!

Riviera Audio Levante integrated amp now here!    https://www.rivieralabs.com/en/products/electronics/levante/

New Marantz Model 30 and SACD30 demo units are here!  Really nice, new models from Marantz.

KEF LS50 Metas in the house!  Amazing speakers at this price point!

New Joseph Audio demo units incoming!  We will have Pulsar2, Perspective2, Pearl 20/20 and Prism all available soon for demo!

2-10-20 -- One more exciting addition coming soon......... Lumin music streamers/players!!!  Very excited about this line, as we have been complating adding a top tier steamer line for a while now.  Lumin simply makes some of the BEST streamers/players on the market.  Along with ease of use and fantastic user interface.  3 demo units coming soon!


2-1-20 -- We are excited to announce we have added Riviera Labs to our line up!!!  This Italian made gear is simply some of the best in the world....with amazing build quality and sound.  We will have their brand new integrated amp here for demo in a few weeks!  


1-1-20  --  The new Bel Canto E1X gear is shipping!  We have been blown away with how nice these new units sound.  We currently have the DAC/Pre and Stereo amp here as demo units!


If you have not had a chance to check out the new Pulsar2 Graphene, these speakers are quite amazing!

New Line Magnetic demos on the way!

Exciting news!!! -- We have been selected to be NC's newest Bryston dealer.  Ordering demo units right away!....hope to have them in ASAP.

New (Limited Production) Marantz PM KI Ruby integrated amp and SA KI RUBY CD/SACD players are on the way!  We will have a demo pair here for customers to hear.   Super excited about these two products!

Exciting new product announcement!!!..... We have been selected to be a full Parasound dealer!  Our first few demo units are shipping out and should be here soon!

Bel Canto has released their awesome new streamer.... e.One Stream.  $1599 and absolutely fantastic product!  Our demo unit is here and sounding great.

New KEF R series will be here soon!  Great redesign and already receiving rave reviews!!  Looking forward to getting these here.

Marantz ND8006 Streamer/Cd player is here!  Really nice piece of gear with tons of flexibility at a great price! (retail of $1199).

Some of the new Line Magnetic integrated amp models are rolling in!!

PS Audio Stellar M700 demo amps are here!!  Such a great sound and a killer bargain!

Our new location is getting close to being finished!!  Check back soon for further details...should be all done in about 3 to 4 weeks (fingers crossed!).  More space and better listening areas!!

Big news!!! -- Excited to announce that we are now PS Audio dealers!!!  Demo's have been ordered and are on the way!

KEF LS50 Wireless are currently in stock!!!  Fantastic speakers!

Move to our temporary location is complete!  The space is MUCH smaller then before, so the listening area i not quite as good, but we will make due!.....the new house build will be starting soon!

Big news!!!! --- We are in the process of building a new location!!  We will end up with about twice the space as we currently have with much better display and listening areas!!  During this build, we will be in a temporary location.  Please contact use for details.... (the move will begin in December).

KEF LS50 and R500 demos have arrived!!   I traded for a few pairs of LS50's in the past and always sold them so fast that I did not have a lot of time to play around with them.  Having the demo pair of LS50's here now, I can absolutely see why pretty much everyone raves about them.....absolutely amazing speakers!  And crazy to think that the price is actually quite good and not crazy high!

We are adding KEF to our speaker lineup!!  Very happy about this addition!!  We will have a few demo units here shortly.

We are excited to announce that we are adding Antipodes Audio for their fantastic music servers.  We have a DS SSD demo unit on the way!  http://antipodesaudio.com/

We are now selling Gingko dust covers!!  Extremely nice covers for all your VPI turntables!

Super excited to announce that we are now dealers for the Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner PRO!  Extremely good, ultrasonic album cleaner, and fully automatic!  One of the best cleaning options on the market today, and extremely easy to use.  Our first 2 units have already sold, but more are coming soon!

Our next pair of DeVore 0/96's are inbound!  Should be here in a few days.

DeVore Gibbon X's are here!  Amazing speakers......

VPI 299d Integrated update!! -- We are down to 2 units left!  One new and one demo.  Get your's before they are all gone!! (VPI is only building 100 total of them).

Very excited to announce that we are adding Leben Audio to our lineup.  Superbly made and beautiful sounding gear!!  Demos are inbound and will be here shortly.  http://lebenhifi.com/products.html

VPI 299d Limited Edition (only 100 being made) integrated amps are on the way to Goldprint!  We have 3 arriving on 12-2-15.  Contact us to get yours before they are all gone!!!

More VPI Primes are on the way!  2 unsold units should arrive Monday (9-14).  Hurry before they are gone!!

A couple pair of DeVore Fidelity demos have arrived!  0/93's and 3xl's are here, and sounding fantastic!

Now with DeVore Fidelity (http://www.devorefidelity.com/), Joseph Audio (http://www.josephaudio.com/#about) and Alta Audio (http://alta-audio.com/) we have 3 flat out incredible, all US speaker companies!  Very proud to have these lines!

I am extremely excited to let everyone know that we are now a DeVore Fidelity dealer!  http://www.devorefidelity.com/   Amazing speakers, made right in NY!  Our first pair of demos will arrive next week (2nd week in July) with others coming shortly after.  Give me a call and we can set up demo times!!

6-16- 15 -- BIG NEWS!!  Stay tuned for a very exciting announcement of a new speaker line we are adding!!  Can't wait to let everyone know....Awesome, awesome speaker company.

VPI Prime in stock!  Also just received 2 Rogue Cronus Magnum II units that are not sold (yet)!  Hurry....these will not last long!

Great news!  We are adding an awesome brand to our lineup.  Line Magnetic!  Amazing tube based gear with amazingly nice build quality and price points to fit almost all budgets!  We are extremely excited to bring this line on board.   http://www.toneimports.com/lmaudio/lmaudioHome.html

I've been so busy over the past few weeks/months that I completely forgot.....April 1st was our 5 year anniversary since opening!  Thanks again to all our amazing customers for helping get to this point.  And there are many exciting things in the future!!

Rogue RP5 preamp unit is here!!  Working on getting break-in hours on it, but so far extremely impressed.

Rogue has announced a new Cronus Magnum on the way (Magnum II)!!  Very excited about this.  The "old" Cronus Magnum was one of our best sellers and we are sure the new unit will live up to the old!  Updated phono stage and headphone amp...lower noise floor....mute button on the remote...all great features.  We have several on order and hope to them start arriving in the next few weeks.

Krell Solo 375 demo units on the way!  Have you read the amazing review just done on these?  Amazing amps.......  http://hometheaterreview.com/krell-solo-375-mono-block-amplifier-reviewed/

We are currently testing out some Alta Audio speakers ( http://alta-audio.com/ ).   We have a pair of Celesta's (FRM-2) and a pair of Solo's.  Both are flat out awesome speakers.  I can't believe how good the Solos sound for their $1500 price point.  And the FRM-2's are seriously outrageous.  29hz bass response from a bookshelf!

Thiel TT1 demo units will be here soon!  Can't wait to hear the next gen Thiels.

Krell Vanguard Integrated and DUO175 amp demo units are here!!  Killer sound.  Let me know if you would like to take a listen!

Awesome news!!  We have been selected as one of the small handful of retail SVS dealers!  Amazing subwoofers for both 2 channel and HT.  Killer build quality at very, very affordable prices.

Rega RP10, Elicit-R and Saturn-R are here!  Flat out amazing pieces of gear from this legendary manufacturer. 

New Cary SL-100 preamp has arrived!! Incredible performance at a very attractive price ($1995).

We have the new Tannoy Precision speakers here!  Currently have 6.4 and 6.1's.  Very,  very nice with incredible build quality (beautiful cabinets).

Goldprint Audio is now a Kimber Kable dealer!  We are excited to bring this line on board....excellent US made cables at all price points.

Be on the lookout for the new Joseph Audio speakers that are forth-coming.  We are planning on having both here fro demos.  A new bookshelf and floorstander are coming!

By sure and make time to check out the new DACS from Cary.  We have both the 100 and 100T here and have been VERY impressed.

We are also proud and excited to let you know that we are now Thiel dealers!  1.7 and 2.7 demo speakers are now here!  Stop by for a listen to these incredible speakers!

We are proud and excited to announce that we are now a Krell dealer!  As much as we love tubes, we have been searching for a extremely high quality solid state amp company, and are excited to have been selected!  Several demo models have been ordered and are on the way.

All new Rogue Audio Sphinx Integrated amps are here!!!  100 watts of Hybrid power at only $1395 (with remote control and MM phono stage included)!  Amazing value with incredible sound.  Made in the USA!

Our new demo and display room is complete!!  I've moved all the demo gear and have the 2 listening areas setup. 

We will have a pair of the new Salamander Designs Home Theater chairs available to try in the new demo room.  These are amazingly nice HT/Audio chairs.  Built in the US.  Very high quality and extremely comfortable.

VPI Scout, Classic1 and Traveler demo's are here!  Also have a HW16.5 cleaning machine and SDS motor controller.

November 2012 -- We are excited to announce that we will be adding VPI to our brand lineup!  Awesome US made turntables and record cleaning machines.  Several demo units on order.  Call to setup your time for a listen!!  www.vpiindustries.com

For you headphone folks, we have added Beyerdynamic and Grado!   We will have a great selection from each brand....at price points for just about anyone!  Very excited to have these great brands on board.

We have added Torus Power to our lineup!  Amazing power conditioners, great sound.   www.toruspower.com

XLO Ultraplus and REF3 demo cables in.

Rogue Audio Hydra and Medusa Hybrid power amps are in and ready for demos! 

Rega RP6 is here!!!  What a great table.....awesome looks and sound.  Call and setup a demo time for a listen!

Joseph Audio Perspecitves demo are here and ready to go!  These speakers sound incredible.  Nice bass extension, amazing midrange, typical beautiful top end definition and detail.   Great soundstage!

January 2012 -- Happy New Years everyone!!  We have added XLO Cables to our lineup!! These guys make some fantastic cables (www.xloelectric.com).  Be sure and check out their website for product info.

Decmember 2011 -- Tannoy demos are in the house!  We are in the process of ordering at least one pair of the Presitge Series.  Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and happy holidays!!

November 2011-- We are pleased to announce that we adding to great brands to our lineup!  Tannoy (www.tannoy.com) and Ortofon ( www.ortofon.com ).  We are extremely excited to add these 2  audio brands.  Demo units on the way!!



September 2011 -- Stay tuned for an additional brand that we are in the process of adding.  This will be exciting news!!



July 2011 --  We are proud to announce that we have added Audion ( www.audion.co.uk ) and Cable Research Lab ( www.cableresearchlab.com ) to our lineup!  CRL brings us high quality, hand made cables right from the coast of Florida.  Exceptional quailty and sound.  Audion specializes in SET and PP tube amps along with several extremely nice pre-amps and phono stages.



April 2011--  Big announcement coming soon on 2 exciting new brands that we will be bringing on board!!!  Stay tuned for details........


April 2011--  Goldprint Audio has added Salamander Designs and LG tv's to the mix.  Salamander has several new and exciting stand/rack options along a great new line of home theater chairs recently introduced ( www.salamanderdesigns.com ).   



January 2011--  We are excited to announce that we have been selected to be the exclusive North Carolina dealer for Rogue Audio ( www.rogueaudio.com ).  Rogue is widely known as producing exceptional tube based amps and preamps at outstanding values.  Demo products will be on the way shortly.  Give us a call and we can schedule a listening time for you!



November 28th --  We have added Mission Audio speakers ( www.mission.co.uk ) and Sonos Wireless Multi-Room Music  ( www.sonos.com ) Systems to our lineup.  Mission has a great speaker lineup with speakers starting as low as $285 a pair!   Sonos offers a great wireless multi-room system that is very easy to setup and operate. 


November 17th 2010 --  Goldprint Audio has added Bel Canto (  www.belcantodesign.com  )as one of our brands!!  For those of you in search of a great DAC, amp, pre-amp or Cd player, you need to stop by and take a listen!


August 18th-- We have added Merrill-Williams as a product line and are extremely excited to offer their line up of turntables.  Be sure and visit www.realturntable.com for great info on the new REAL 101 table!!!


May 24, 2010 -- Goldprint Audio is proud to announce that we have added 2 new brands to our lineup-


Cary Audio --  www.caryaudio.com  -- Great tube amp / preamp / integrateds along with top-notch cd players and home theater amp/preamp.  Be sure and check out the new music server-- 1tb of storage space!!


Sonist -- www.sonist.com -- Highly sensitive speakers (93-95 db).  Incredible sound and price.  Hand built in California and perfect for SET amps ( and every other kind amp for that matter).




April 1, 2010 --  Goldpirint Audio is open for business!!!! 


April 23, 2010 -- Our Joseph Audio demo speakers are here!  We are currently breaking them in, but even fresh out of the box, these are some incredible speakers.  Check them out at www.josephaudio.com .  Our first Manley Labs demo pieces will be in on Wednesday the 28th.  These include a Jumbo Shrimp pre amp, Snapper amps and a Stingray integrated amp.  Call to set up your time to take a listen!!


April 29, 2010 -- Manley Labs in stock!!  Rega in stock!!  Chord in stock!!  Please give us a call or send an email to setup your listening time.