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Pre-Owned Gear -- 

1) Esoteric X03SE -- Silver faceplate, all shipping boxes, remote and manual, fantastic condition and built like a tank!  $1998 

2) Joseph Audio Perspective2 -- Very nice one owner pair that we sold new.  About 11 months old.  Rosewood finish.  Isoacoustic Gaia II footers included!  These are consignment speakers, so local pickup is preferred.  Boxes, grills and owner's manual.

3) Bel Canto e1X Dac/Pre/Streamer -- One owner unit in excellent condition (we sold it new).  Box,remote manual included.  Great savings over new on a fantastic Dac/Pre/Streamer with built in phonostage combo! 

4) DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 88 -- Mink Finish, excellent condition, boxes and grills included.  Fantastic speakers at a great price point!  We sold these new!

5) Marantz HD-Dac1 -- Nice one owner DAC that we sold new.  In very nice condition with original box/remote/power cord.

6) Rogue Audio DragoN -- Very nice, one owner amp that we sold new.  Original box, cord and manual.  (this unit is incoming)

7)  McIntosh MR-71 - tube based tuner, nice condition!  This unit was previously gone through and refurbished but a McIntosh dealer here in NC.  Double shipping boxes from  Audio Classics,  Manual included as well as receipt from the refurbish work.  $998

8) VPI Scout -- Acrylic platter, JMW-9 metal arm, Includes Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge!  (no shipping box so local pickup only please)  $1395



Special Demo Units for Sale--

- Lots of demos here!  Email or Call for specifics and demo deals.